For Sale - Motel by Lake Michigan
in Ludington, Michigan

I bought the Blue Spruce Motel and Home in 1991 after years of dreaming of owning a Bread and Breakfast as a second career. I planted flowers everywhere, put ruffled curtains and Amish hickory rockers in the motel rooms and made the Blue Spruce a peaceful  quite retreat from the hectic stress full life most people come here to escape. I ran this get away by myself getting the most of my work done by noon. I am open six months of the year, from May thru October and was able to pay off the mortgage several years ago.

I can see and hear Lake Michigan from my home. I had the satisfaction of running an interesting business and the privilege of making life long friends of some of the guests I had stay with me at the Blue Spruce Motel.

It will be bitter sweet to leave, but it's time to mo into my third career, retirement. I moved into the Blue Spruce Home when I was 61 , I am now 77. My daughters live in another state and I want to be closer the them. I will always cherish the memories I had here.


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The Blue Spruce Motel, 109 North Ferry, Ludington Michigan 49431
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